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Our simple app walks you through the entire process of uploading and analyzing your Sponsored Ad Campaign data.  In less than 3 minutes you’ll see where you are winning, and where you need changes to your ad campaign strategy.  It’s dead simple, easy, and profitable.

The campaign has only been going since the 12th so I don’t know if this is enough data but I’ve sold 4 units with one more inbound…. This ad campaign testing has so much potential and I have a ton of ideas. I’m super excited to get some power brands in the pipeline and work with you guys!
Stephen O.
I’ve been happy with the process so far. The product choice and the validated data look great. Having your team source the product is going to be a big help to me and I’m looking forward to getting started with more products.
Danny S.
I’ve been watching [my product] and seeing the steady progress its making I’ve been thinking about getting in on another product.
Dave A.

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